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Secured CXaSS

Seqoria offers Secured CX-as-a-Self-Service (CXaSS) solution that help create enterprise personas based on business and compliance requirement. These features help a secured customer journey throughout its lifecycle with fully automated, intelligent and vendor agnostic approach.

Seqoria also offers integrated SOC workflows and self-serviced remediations. It integrates with ServiceNow ITSM, Splunk and other 3rd party SIEM tools. Having an open and extensible architecture, Seqoria allows a great amount of flexibility for integration with any vendor or solution.

All this from a single Unified Console and fully Self-Serviced.

Security and CX Aware Call Routing & IP Communications

Using its statistical and deep learning models, Seqoria identify risk and vulnerabilities across full collaboration stack and create risk profiles. Based on the risk profiles and customer journey phases, Seqoria helps dynamically route and re-route the VOICE/SIP calls and IP Communications to and through a more secured path. Seqoria also protects against Robocalls, TDoS and Communications fraud using a unique combination of statistical, deep learning and crowd sourced models which continuously evolve based on changing threat landscape and attack surface.


Data Protection based on Compliance and CX

Seqoria offers a unique model that is based on enterprise business and compliance specific data protection instead of "one-size-fits-all" or hard coded and static E2E encryption which causes a huge amount of overhead for network operators and Infosec.