VP, Sales – Collaboration, Contact Center and Cybersecurity

Job Description

Cybersecurity Stealth startup, revolutionizing the way compliance and secured customer experience for data networks, collaboration, contact center and unified communications will be done using a cloud-in approach, is looking for a passionate, innovative, and vision-driven Vice President, Sales & Strategic Alliances. This role is heavily strategic and business oriented. The ideal candidate should be comfortable with driving pre-funding business and sales traction for PoV, Beta, EFT engagements followed by revenue generating opportunities, and overall GTM aspect of a cloud-based security software

The VP, Sales & Strategic Alliances will work directly with the Founder/CTO and Advisors of the startup. The advisory team is comprised of former SVP/Head of Business, VP and CISO of Cisco Systems, Cigna, and other top fortune 100 companies. We have a great line up of Tier 1 VCs to do Round A.

Status: Product grade MVP is 100% ready and EFT, Beta and PoV trials with some of the major customers and reseller/partners are underway with very promising response. The solution is cloud enabled and ready to support on-prem, hybrid and cloud connected collaboration, data and IP communications networks. The solution is also fully capable of generating decent revenues (post trials) as early as next month.

Job Overview: 

We are a very early-stage software startup that is still in stealth mode. We are trying to solve one of the biggest problems in the cloud and hybrid collaboration architectures and solutions. With a unique and innovative approach, our goal is (starting with) to ensure secured customer experience with an “always-on-security” and “continuous compliance” approach for a $17B market with double digit CAGR (source IDC, Forbes, Gartner). We are going after a niche market targeting ~ 700M – 1B enterprise users of tech giants like Cisco, Microsoft, Zoom, Ring Central and several others. We have a very ambitious vision, and we would like someone with a similar mindset.

Being in the early stages, we are looking for a VP, Sales & Strategic Alliances who wants to have a direct contribution to the Business and GTM strategy and actual closure of PoV, Beta, EFT customers followed by revenue generation opportunities etc. Being a VP, Sales & Strategic Alliances means that you will be responsible for the Business and Sales execution side. However, you can expect to wear multiple hats at the beginning.


You will ...

  • Work directly with the Founder/CTO and stakeholders to attract some early customers
  • Brainstorm, plan, and execute a thorough business and sales execution plan
  • Hire and manage a team, and oversee all the business, sales execution activities.
  • Be an executive ambassador of the company attract customers using your C-Level contacts
  • Take the company to the next stage through sales driven strategic alliances & partnerships


You ...

  • Must have a proven track record of Cisco Collaboration or Security Solution Sales

.      Must have a deep business and/or technical knowledge and experience in Cloud, SaaS

.      Are a leader with high teamwork ethics and standards.

  • Must have a pure passion for entrepreneurship and selling innovative solutions
  • Are outspoken and open minded.

Skills and Qualification:

  • Extensive C-Level network, interaction, communications and working experience.
  • Must have prior experience in Sales and Business Development of Collaboration Solutions
  • Must have an outstanding record in GTM and $100M+ sales of one or more:
  • Cisco Collaboration, Unified Communications, Contact Center
  • Cybersecurity Solution Sales
  • Zoom, Ring Central and Microsoft Teams solutions
  • Must have experience in building teams, strategy, execution, and sales
  • Industry contacts at C-Level (or Security, Collaboration decision makers) preferred
  • A prior work experience of Cisco or Microsoft collaboration or Security solutions preferred
  • Education: BS in Computer Science or similar is preferred. MS or PhD preferred. 
  • Experience Years: 10 years min in Sales leadership role (preferably Cisco, Microsoft etc)
  • Must be legally authorized in U.S to work for any company


Salary: DOE and as per early-stage startup market  

Equity: very decent equity (negotiable based on experience and value add)

Add-on: Sales-driven compensation

Employment Type: 

Ideally, we would like you to be full time. However, during the pre-funding period we are open to negotiate a flexible involvement if you have other commitments in the meantime (school, job, etc.)

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

Please include a link to LinkedIn in your resume. A cover letter is not required, but highly recommended. We will review every application carefully and reach out to you. As mentioned before, we are still in stealth mode, so we will give a lot more information if we think you, are a good fit. Thank you!