Natively Embedded Governance and Risk Management

Seqoria offers threat detection that continuously monitors, auto-correlates, and analyzes malicious activity and unauthorized behavior to protect collaboration workloads within on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments. Rapid cloud and hybrid deployment adoption have created a much daunting task for security teams to continuously analyze events for potential threats. Seqoria provides an AI-powered, automated, and cost-effective option for continuous threat detection in collaboration and contact center networks. Using statistical and machine learning models, Seqoria analyzes 700+ ICs and rules across multiple collaboration solutions and components, such as Call Detail Records (CDR), Inbound/Outbound Voice/SIP calls, SIP signaling traffic, underlying network infrastructure traffic, encrypted traffic, APIs, CRM data, Collaboration Applications features extraction, DTMF and several other logs. Using just a few clicks, Seqoria can be enabled with no hardware to deploy or maintain. Seqoria generates actionable alerts, easy to integrate with ServiceNow as well as other SIEM tools and SOC workflows.


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