Security and CX Aware Call Routing & IP Communications

How it works

End-to-End (E2E) encryption is presented as a “Silver Bullet” or “Catch-All” solution with a static and hard coded encryption model, specially for data-in-transit.
As a result:

Additional CAPEX and ongoing OPEX to deploy encryption and manage network operations. E2E encryption – without adequate integrity and layered security – provides a safe heaven for highly sophisticated attacks. It has become almost impossible to find the right balance between customer experience and E2E encryption, Compliance, Network operations overheads. Seqoria offers first of its kind “Highly Flexible and Multi-Tiered” Data-in-Transit Protection Model.

Outcome for Customer: 

  • Higher flexibility to protect data-in-transit as required by PCI, HIPAA, FIPS, GDPR etc       which in turns reduces CAPEX/OPEX and resource overhead by up to 70%.
  • Reduce MTTD, MTTR by up to 70% in networks with encryption required for data protection
  • Save $M in compliance failures, penalties, and financial losses

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