Seqoria currently covers 80-90% of all the Cisco Collaboration, Unified Communications and Contact Center, Network Infrastructure (Routing, Switching, Data Center, WLAN, SD-WAN control plane) solutions and products. Seqoria also covers Zoom and Ring Central Conferencing solution. Microsoft Teams support is on the roadmap. 

Seqoria Secured CX aware Call Routing and IP Communications protects against Communications fraud, Robocalls, TDoS features and can be integrated with almost any vendor of your choice

The solution covers On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud hosted Collaboration solutions. Currently AWS is supported with GCP and Azure on the roadmap

Only a micro-service based docker to be installed on a VM. Takes less than 15 minutes (100% self-serviced) VM spec and OVF to be provided by Seqoria once you sign up

Please email to get the installation guide

 HTTPSv1.2, AES256 bits for ALL the Data-in-Transit

Multi-tenancy support, dedicated queues assigned with a unique ID, all the data-in-transit and at rest is encrypted. AWS Config, Guard Duty and AWS Inspector output can be provided for further satisfaction. Penetration testing can also be allowed based on certain requirements to be fulfilled

Seqoria platform is compatible and compliant with HITRUST, HIPAA, NIST and CIS Benchmarking. Seqoria has achieved AWS Well-Architected and FTR security compliance.

Multiple availability zones in a region. Solution installed two VMs (Active/Standby)