Problem Statement & Solution

Problem Statement:

Security everywhere and security unlimited approach has adversely impacted customer experience with cumbersome, frustrating digital-authentication and the levels of complexity that companies have introduced with a plethora of point products.

Moreover, cloud connected collaboration, IP communications and contact center has created a massive attack surface for businesses that require continuous verification of trust & enterprise grade security to help ensure CX improvement.


Seqoria offers industry’s first, cloud-controller based solution enabling customer-experience driven ubiquitous Secured CX as-a-Self-Service (CXaSS)  throughout customer journey lifecycle while ensuring Always-on Security and Continuous Compliance. 

Seqoria Advantage:

Proactively and intelligently provides actionable insights (in real-time) to make informed decisions, take corrective actions, route calls, data traffic, right size the channels, provide governance, helps create a layered security model and recommend customer journey driven access control to improve availability, productivity, customer retention, knowledge enhancement, CSAT as well as up to 50% reduction in resource utilization and OPEX. 

All this from a single unified console and most importantly with an always-on-security & continuous compliance approach.